ShowDown Digital Depthfinder Fish Finder

ShowDown Digital Depthfinder Fish Finder
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Product Description

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The NEW 5.6 ShowDown 5.6 Digital Depthfinder Fish Finder is the best portable fishfinder.


This updated ShowDown 5.6 version of the original vertical digital ice sonar includes two valuable upgrades. ShowDown 5.6 offers anglers an acute 1-foot adjustable zoom function, as well as new state of the art interference rejection software. ... ShowDown 5.6 Digital Depth Finder Fish Finder.

The improved zoom function lets users zoom in on any segment of the water column, and change zoom depth in 1-foot increments. The result is unparalleled target separation and screen detail. For anglers, noteworthy situations include detecting suspended crappie schools and revealing bottom hugging walleyes.

Straight line fish finder is perfect for ice anglers with an innovative water column readout for instant interpretation, even for beginning anglers. Crystal Quick display gives you immediate signal response in temperatures down to -40°F. Micro-pixel resolution of 720 segments for acute half-inch target separation--an 80% improvement over spinning bulb flashers.


An acute 1-foot adjustable zoom function

New state of the art interference rejection software

Vertical display matches the water column for easy signal interpretation – top is top, and bottom is bottom!

Simple 7-button no-menu operation

Heated “Ice” mode prevents display slow down to -40 degrees

Silent operation - solid-state design is power efficient and eliminates the annoying “whirring” flasher motor noise

720 vertical pixels deliver acute .46”-inch target separation in the 20’, 40’, and 60’ ranges

Auto and manual (25 level) Sensitivity

Weather resistant neoprene carrying case

200 kHz transducer frequency

18° transducer angle (3 square feet of bottom coverage in 10' of water)

Retractable transducer arm

1000-watts true RMS power

Adjustable or auto sensitivity

Rates better than the Hummingbird fish finder.

Includes 12-volt battery and charger